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» Please Note: this RSS feed is changing at 8:30am EST, on February 8, 2012
From: LexisNexis
Mealey's is changing the name of this RSS feed on February 8, 2012 to 'Mealey's Daily News Service'. The feed URL to subscribe to will also be changing to '

» Appeals Panel Upholds Use Of Pro-Rata Approach In Lead Coverage Suit
From: LexisNexis
BALTIMORE - An insurer is liable for less than 45 percent of a jury verdict entered in favor of a tenant who sustained injuries as a result of lead paint in the insured's property because the insurer ...

» Louisiana Supreme Court Grants Appeal Of Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
From: LexisNexis
NEW ORLEANS - The Louisiana Supreme Court on Feb. 3 agreed to hear an insurer's appeal of an appeals court's finding that a lower court abused its discretion in denying claimants' motion for a new tri...


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